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RR Strategy in ClixPay for Investors in RRs (Example)

Started by Admin Dec 19th, 2020 at 08:46
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Dear Users

The referrals (RR) you hired today may have already clicked their ads today. Give them some time to show their full potential. In the mean time spend some time on the forum and learn how to manage your account profitably.

*First and the fore most thing to know is what is your Break Even Point(BEP). If you are starting with Silver membership like I did then calculations are as follows ...

Silver Membership cost=$5
Cost of 200 referrals @$0.15=$30
Income per click=$0.001

So, you are going to need minimum $35 to get started. Now the BEP calculations...

(Membership Fee $5 + Hiring cost $30)/30/200/0.001=5.8333

This is for the first month. Remember we have not taken into consideration the recycling expenses. Also, on positive side, you will be getting 4 Premium Plus ads which will generate $0.04*30=$1.2 and this is the highest point you start from. The following month the cost dynamics change. Assuming you are using autopay. It is going to cost you $0.0045 per day per referral that clicks which works out $27 for 200 referrals. So, here on you will require

($5+$27)/30/200/0.001=5.3333 BEP
Now, here you are already behind with 20 RRs. Simply do the math and you will find that you won't be able to recover your basic investment even with the best of the averages. Take a deep breath, replan the whole thing. Focus and patience is what is required, you will be back on track.
**And always keep some backup. This is a festive season time, a lot of people take a break. Your recycling will eat away your profits. I am already in process of delaying my next move, to Jan 2021.

BEP for ClixPay Silver (Other memberships on the same line)
1 RR $0.15x 500 RR = $75
Auto Pay 1 RR $0.13.50 x 500 RR = 67.50 plus membership $5 = $72.50, 72.50/30=$2.41 Pd exp / 0.001 per RR click = 2410 total clicks need / 500 RR = 4.82 overall daily avg for BEP. (Break Even Point) after this, above is profit.

Also, utilize your own strategies as deemed necessary.

For any assistance, discuss in the forum or send a support ticket.

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thanks admn
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