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AirTM Approved Clixpay as Legal Partner + Cashout Points Reduced
Published on 21-02-2021

Dear Users

After a long debate and submission of all legal and tax documents of clixPay, finally today AirTM automated Add Fund, Upgrade and withdraw API is approved and working now. AirTM is the best Payment Processor having Peer to Peer Exchange system of all Payment gateways, easily Add funds, transfer everywhere Online digital to local banks, etc.

ClixPay now is a legal partner of AirTM like a few famous PTCs. At present, Add Fund is open via AirTM with a bonus of Add Fund, withdrawal will be open after few deposits, Add Fund Bonus via AirTM is open from Feb 19 to Feb 28, 2021:

Add $ 2 to 50 - get 10% extra to PB

Add $51 to 200 - get 15% extra to PB

Add $201 to above - get 20% extra to PB


If upgrade via AirTM direct will get 50% back to PB till Feb 28, 2021.


Open an Account of AirTM Here


Cashout Points for Free Members now reduced from 10k equal to $1 to 5k points equal to $0.50 from offerwalls.

Monthly Upgrade Membership Prices Decreased:


Loyal - from $3 to $2

Silver - from $5 to $4

Golden - from $8 to $7

Diamond - from $25 $20



Finance team

Valintine Day Bonus
Published on 14-02-2021

Happy Valintine Day to All Members and Visitors


Clixpay team giving away Valintine day Bonus from Feb 14 to 20, 2021:

Add Fund Bonus:

Add Fund $10 to 50 - 5% extra to PB

Add Fund $51 to 100 - 7% extra to PB

Add Fund $101 to 200 - 10% extra to PB

Add Fund $201 to more - 15% extra to PB


All Upgrades will give back 50% to PB, if upgrade via Direct Payment Processor



Start of ClixPay 3rd Month - Upgrade Bonus
Published on 08-02-2021

Dear Users


1. now entered in 3rd month with trust, Paying, and lowest $1 Payout. We going to giveaway Bonus on all UPGRADES.

From Feb 2 to Feb 28, 2021. Members who will upgrade using Paymentgatway will get back 20% in Purchase Balance. (not for account balance upgrades).

Enjoy February Promo Bonus.

2.  Members to see FAQ and TOS about the Payment procedure, then post in form or send a ticket, we always Paying (1st Payout $1, 2nd- $2, 3rd and onward $5) and payouts process is within 1-7 days.


Add Fund - Free RRs Promo Bonus
Published on 19-01-2021

Dear Users

From Jan 19 to Jan 31, 2021, We started a Promo on Add Funds and get Free RRs:-

Add $20 - get 20 Free RRs

Add $50 - get 50 RR Free

Add $100 - get 100 RR Free

Add $500 - get 500 RR Free

But, if add $19, no RRs.


Be with us, trust on and make us No-1, without trusted members and investors, we are nothing.




Free RRs on Upgrade, New Loyal and VIP Memberships, and OfferWalls
Published on 18-01-2021

Dear Users announces that Free RRs will be assigned on Upgrade of memberships, the bonus Free RRs will be assigned from Jan 13 to Jan 31, 2021. Limits for each Upgraded memberships are below. No need to send a ticket, after Upgrade, RRs will be assigned within 24 hours manually.


Upgrade to Silver -  10 Free RR for 30 days.

Upgrade to Golden - 25 Free RRs for 30 days.

Upgrade to Diamond - 50 Free RRs for 30 days.


OfferWalls News:  We Successfully added 8 Offerwalls (OfferToro, ClixWall, Mediumpath, WanaAds, KiwiWall, Offers4All, AdGem, Personaly) for all members, especially for Free members to earn and cash out without any limits, if members work on Offerwalls for 10 to 30 minutes will earn $1 to $10 from Surveys, Tasks, Ads of OffetrWalls. Soon we start Offerwalls Contest with big prizes. Don't depend only on $0.05 clicks, also work on OfferWalls. Member who will earn $1 from OfferWalls will get $0.10 bonus on every $, If earn $10 will get $1 bonus etc.


New Loyal and VIP Partner Memberships added costs $3 for 30 days, for those free members who unable to upgrade bigger but have DRs and RRs, they test the system. VIP Partner Membership added for Investors, own and Referrals click value is 200%, Unlimited DR and 10K RRs allowed. Upgrade costs enhanced.


Skrill and AirTM deposits started but yet will show manual site emails for a deposit, min deposit is $5. withdrawals via Skrill and AirTM for only those members who will deposit. Automated API of both under process. Members who will deposit via Bitcoin, Skrill and AirTM, must send a support ticket with transaction ID and exact amount, which we will credit to PB. AirTM and Skrill Depositors will get 5% extra Bonus in PB till Jan 31, 2021.



As we are honest and Paying to all members even to free members, We already investing at many platforms, needs to wait for withdrawals, etc, According to our TOS, and membership limits, from now onward all cash out requests will be completed within limits set out on the upgrade page. Members to cooperate and send tickets or post in the forum for cashouts, only after the time limit.

Free Members - 10 Days and Min $5

Loyal, Silver Members - 7 Days

Golden Members - 6 Days

Diamond  Members - 5 Days

VIP Partner - 3 Days


Enjoy.  thanks



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